Introducing the brand new range of 18th Edition-compliant Type 2+3 Surge Protected Consumer Units from M2 Electrical.

M2’s Consumer Unit range boast the unique patented Dual Screw Mains Isolator as standard in all of their units. M2 are committed to offering the customer the most efficient installation process in the industry, backed up by their offer to pre-wire Surge Protection devices into Consumer Units at the factory. The new Type 2+3 Surge Protected range offer a more competitive price offering, whilst still providing sufficient 15kA surge protection for the install. As per the 18th Edition regulations, surge protection requires back-up fuse protection – in this range, M2 offer this via an MCB, pre-wired into the Surge Device by our production team.

The distinctive extended din rail and added removable metal blanking plate in the aperture of the main cover enables customers the facility to retro-fit surge protection at a later date, if required. Not only this, it also ensures that the entire profile of M2 Consumer Units is available with surge protection in the same physical size enclosure as before.

The full profile of M2 Type 2+3 Surge Protected Consumer Units are available now. For further information or to discuss bespoke configurations of M2 Surge Protected Consumer Units, please contact the sales office on 01527 520678.

To view the M2 Surge Protected Consumer Unit Range click here.