M2 Electrical release a new Easy Seal weatherproof 20 A double pole switch.

Complementing the already extensive outdoor weatherproof range the new isolating switch is now available from M2. Ideal for those domestic heavier loads of up to 20 A such as patio heaters and garden pumps with additional light industrial applications.

A useful addition to the M2 Easy Seal range and with ingress protection of IP66. Made from durable thermoplastic materials these switches are ideal not only for domestic use but also for isolating commercial lighting and other equipment in what is often a dusty and harsh environment.

Each switch has its own back box with conduit entries on all sides with 2 x 20 mm on one side for easy looping or extending of circuits.

This product allows the safe isolation near to the connected equipment and avoids having to find and isolate the circuit in the consumer unit or distribution board.

The new 20 A M2 Easy Seal double pole switch is a useful and necessary addition to the existing weather proof range.

The full profile of M2 Weatherproof Wiring Accessories is available now. For further information please contact the sales office on 01527 520678.

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